The holidays are over.  You’ve probably already collapsed on the couch in that exhausted slouched posture we all maintain and just stared forlornly at the mess of wrapping paper, gift boxes and pine needles littering your living room.  Heaving a heavy sigh, you think to yourself, “…and I still have to make dinner.”

Well, look no further than this super easy, Turkey Noodle Soup.

Turkey/Chicken Broth
Leftover Turkey

Combine all your ingredients except noodles, bring to boil, then reduce heat slightly, add noodles and lightly boil till your noodles are done according to package directions.

Remove from heat and allow to cool before serving, as it will be the temperature of molten lava.  No matter how amazing your soup is, the flavor will NOT make up for a burned tongue.

Serve with any leftover dinner rolls from the holidays.  Although if your family is anything like mine, there won’t be any, so maybe grab a package from the freezer first.

Enjoy your semi-homemade turkey noodle soup… and, maybe eat with your back to the living room 🙂