I’ve always been known as the member of the family who rescues injured animals.  But… I got that trait from my Grandmother.  When I was a child, we lived with my grandparents.  One day, my grandmother saw something bedraggled and wet in the ditch as we were driving home and she stopped to investigate.  It was a lamb.  She had apparently gotten separated from her mother and made it through the fence.  The separation meant the mother would no longer recognize her baby, so, Grandma adopted her.  That was the beginning of what would become a habit with my Grandmother and her sheep.  The have a small farm, so it was really no big deal.  My brother and I had always been raised with barn yard animals and the understanding that creatures that lived inside the fences were food, not pets.  Mama Goat as the bedraggled lamb came to be named would never be food, but she spawned many who would one day fill the freezer.  This roast is probably in some way a great great great great blah blah blah daughter of Mama Goat.  And boy, was she tasty!

Lamb Roast Ingredients:
Lamb Roast
Garlic Powder
Onions (optional)
Pepperoncini (optional)

Thaw your lamb roast.  Once its thawed, lay it out on a cutting board and stab it deeply with a knife or ice pick.  Shove whole cloves of garlic into the holes you’ve just skewered.  The number of cloves will depend on not only the size of the roast, but also, how much you like garlic 🙂

Once you’ve inserted the garlic, coat the entire roast liberally in a mixture of flour and garlic powder, then fry each side in a hot skillet.  This is called searing your roast and it helps keep all the juices inside while its cooking.  You can skip this step if you want to, but in my experience, it makes for a much dryer roast.

Line the bottom of your crock pot with roughly chopped onions.  Once you’ve seared the roast, place it in your crock pot with about a cup of water.  Sprinkle roast liberally with jarred pepperoncini’s and cook for 3-4 hours on high or 5-6 hours on low.  If your crock pot is like mine, it will switch over to a “warm” cycle when the timer is up.

Add your carrots and potatoes about 1 hour before you’d like to eat and turn the temperature back up to high.  Remove all the yumminess from the crock pot and gorge yourself.  Just kidding.

One word of caution… do not try to make gravy from the roast drippings.  Lamb is a high fat content meat and makes for some really off tasting gravy.

I love the fact that this is so easy to make in the crock pot.  I’ve even prepped the roast and crock the night before and put it in the fridge.  The next morning when I’m grabbing my coffee, I place the crock in the pot, set the timer and walk out the door.  Dinner is practically done when I get home.  I’ve also been known to use baby carrots and fingerling potatoes so all I have to do is open two packages and dump them in with the roast.  How much easier could that be?

You can use this exact same recipe with any type of roast, be it beef, pork or lamb.  I just happened to have a lamb roast in my freezer.  Thanks, Grandma!