I LOVE Spanish Rice.  But, for the most part, I’m pretty lazy in the kitchen, so I tweaked and experimented till I had a recipe down that I was happy with.

This is a one-pot recipe where nearly every other ingredient is optional.

Loaded Spanish Rice Ingredients:
Spanish Rice box x2 (not the kind where you have to brown the vermicelli first, they don’t work very well)
Hamburger (1 pound)
Peppers (Green, Yellow and Red)
Can of Rotel (or diced tomatoes and green chilis works too)
Can of whole kernel corn
Sliced Olives
Cheese and/or sour cream for topping

In large pot, brown your hamburger.  While hamburger is browning, roughly chop the onion, and peppers.

Drain fat off hamburger if required.  Then add water and other ingredients per rice package directions to pot with hamburger.  Add all the optional vegetables and cook per rice package directions till rice is done.

Stir before serving and top with optional shredded cheese or sour cream, or if you’re like me, both 🙂  It’s going to look like a LOT of food, but don’t worry, I’ve got plans for the left overs… stay tuned!