Who doesn’t love spaghetti?  I don’t know anyone, do you?  When I was growing up, spaghetti was tomato sauce, hamburger and an envelope of spaghetti seasoning over some overcooked noodles.  As an adult, I decided that was bull-pucky and started fiddling with my own recipe.  The Man thinks I’ve gotten in down fairly well.

1lb Burger
2 cans tomato sauce
1 can tomatoes (stewed, diced, petite, it doesn’t really matter)
1 Medium Onion (more if preferred)
Garlic Cloves (I don’t even crush mine, they just go in whole)
1 Can Olives (if I’m feeling lazy, which let’s face it is most of the time, I use pre-sliced)
1 Can Green Chili’s (the man likes a little kick)
Spices (Garlic Powder, Cayenne Powder, Chili Powder, Paprika, Salt and Pepper to taste)
2lb Dry Pasta* (I prefer Angel Hair, but you can use whatever you want)

*Now, if you have any cooking experience at all, you’re saying, “Why so much pasta?”  Don’t worry, you’re gonna use the leftover pasta for your Semi-Homemade Stir-Fry with Noodles.”

Start by browning your burger.  I’m saying burger, because you can use just about any kind of ground meat you want.  My Grandmother is a fan of using Italian Sausage.  I’m allergic to Pork, so I generally stick with hamburger.  Unless I’ve got some lamb burger in the freezer, then, YUMM!  Once it’s browned, drain off the fat.

Add all your veggies at once, the onions you diced while the burger was browning, your garlic cloves (you can totally chop, mince, or crush them if you want, but The Man prefers them whole), the olives (I’m lazy and only slice mine in half, remember when I said I like to chew my food 🙂 ), your green chilis and your stewed, diced, petite, whatever tomatoes.  Stir all this stuff up, then add your 2 cans of sauce to that.

This is your base.  If you want it more saucy, add another can of tomato sauce.  If you want a more refined (read snooty) meat sauce, don’t add any sauce at all.  It’s all personal preference.  And really, you can’t screw up spaghetti!

palm-measuringAdd your spices to taste.  I use probably a good 1/2 teaspoon of garlic, followed by a 1/4 teaspoon of the paprika and chili powder, and just a pinch of the cayenne.  The Man likes spice, but I’m a baby.  Continue adding spices and stirring and tasting till you get the taste you want.  One of the advantages to being the cook is getting to sample the product, right?  To the right, you’ll see a handy dandy guide I borrowed from SheKnows.com, about how to measure using the palm of your hand.  My Grandmother cooked like this, I do to.  It’s great once you get some practice, but terrible if you’re trying to teach others.

Once you’ve got it tasting the way you want, turn the heat down to low-ish (2 or so on your stove setting) cover with a splatter guard or lid and let it simmer away while your cooking your pasta.

Boil pasta according to package directions, drain and plate.  Add as much of your super yummy, Semi-Homemade Sauce as you want and dig in.

I like to garnish with a couple pieces of warm french or garlic bread.  Be warned though… this is some super gorge-able spaghetti.  As my friend, Matt says, “We don’t eat till we’re full, we eat till we hate ourselves.”